Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Good Morning! for about eight more minutes.

I have been seeing A LOT of pictures on FB about re-purposing items, all sorts of items.  So on a much smaller scale, I re-purposed a small bag that I had from the Tea & Spice Exchange in Fort Worth.  (I LOVE this place!!!)

I needed a bag to put a thank you gift in.  The gift is from my husbands boy scout troop to our family doctor (who was a member when his boys were younger), he does summer camp physicals for the boys every year for free.

This is the inspector, she was making sure the camera was on.

This is the side of the bag, I decided not to cover it up,
I like the idea of letting people see
that the bag has been repurposed.

This is the front of the bag.
I used a thinlet die from Stampin' Up!
for the base to cover up the store info.
The hiking figure I got from the Silhouette store,
I then added the offset for an outline image.
The Font is from my computer - Bookman Old Style - which I added the offset outline to as well.

This is the back of the bag.
Again I used the thinlet die from SU! to cover the store's info.
The circle "Tag" is an image from "Nitwits" called Lodge Creek.
I had to trace the design in Silhouette and then offset the circle. 
I then removed the traced images from the offset outline. 
I printed up the image that cut the exact shape with my Sil.

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