Sunday, February 22, 2015

Valentines 2015

Well here it is, almost the end of February 2015 and my last post was November 2014!!!  We can see that my attention has been focused elsewhere.

So to catch you up,  I have one of the early CRICUT's.  I've had it for years, in fact when I bought it you could use SCAL with it.  I "hemmed and hawed" over purchasing the SCAL program and then it was too late.  I couldn't justify the purchase of another program for SVG's, from then on. 

WELL, this past Christmas my husband didn't know what to get me.  Silly man, I had a list on the desktop of our PC since JUNE!!!  So I went shopping.  I bought clothes for me, that fit & I liked.  Then we were in Michaels and they had the Silhouette Cameo on sale.  So he bought it for me!!!

I'm still in the learning stages, and I forget what I've learned (most of the time).  THANK YOU FACEBOOK!!! There is a page for beginners and it has all sorts of files to help as well as "seasoned" Silhouette users who are a tremendous help.

Here is my unveiling of my Valentines Card to my husband.  It's a hybrid, meaning it uses an OLD and NEW  process.  My husband and I LOVE owls.  So I found this one at the Sil store.  I hope you like it.